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Since I was a little kid, deep inside me, I’ve always had this feeling of frustration for not being one of those girls with gorgeous hair, clear skin, perfect makeup and nails, and a carefully chosen outfit.
Over the years, I learned how to transform my hectic nature into my personal “trademark” and I also understood that although social standards of beauty pressure women to stay forever young and perfect, we all are not the same, and those differences make this world a much more interesting place.

My first contact with vintage clothing was in 1995.
I was then a skinny shapeless teenager, and no jeans in any shop would fit my silhouette. I just wanted to look like one of the rock stars I admired, and for this purpose, a nice pair of jeans and a good jacket were essential.
My mum and my granny took me to an old store that had to file for bankruptcy. I bought all the high waisted flared Lee jeans I could for three euros each. My granny narrowed them with her sewing machine so I managed to create my first “combat uniform.
When I was 13, my carefully elaborated Grunge Look was sending a powerful message to my High School classmates: “Don’t mess with me”. To this day, this type of jeans are still my favourite.
I learned to row with the wind.
Fight for what is yours instead of getting frustrated for not having what you will never have.

If you’re gonna be a MESS, be a HOTMESS
HOTMESS sees the light in the middle of one of the most terrible periods in both my personal life and the world in general.
Clothes have played the main role in my existence (clothes & music, music&clothes) but even if I love them, – and what I am going to say maybe goes against my career as a stylist- I am strongly convinced that this planet needs some relief. We already have enough amazing garments nicely produced ready to dress the next generations.

Our work in HOTMESS is to find these diamonds and bring them to you with a fresh and contemporary revisited look.
Most of our pieces have had a previous life. We like to imagine those lives as wild and funny: purses, dresses, and jackets charged with the energy of great parties, the best concerts, raves, forbidden affairs, and unforgettable days and nights.
In HOTMESS we specialise in pieces from the ‘70s, 90’s and 2000s.

We buy, sell, and rent.
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Rebeca Sueiro.


Founder of HOTMESS, is a Fashion Stylist and Creative Director born in A Coruña and based in Barcelona.

She builds her creative identity (easy to identify in all her personal projects) through her colorist, sexy and rebel imaginarium, full of musical references.

Along the last few years she has worked in fashion campaigns in Barcelona, London, Sidney, New York and Lagos.

She has published in Vogue, Purple, i-D, Dazed,, Metal, Wonderland, Fucking Young, Vein, Bricks, WRPD, Recens Paper, Behind the Blinds and Funny Tastes to name a few.

Her work has been exhibited at the Design Museum of Barcelona.

Gema noach

HOTMESS Partner in crime, is a Galician photographer, born in London and based in Barcelona. Her documentary photographs portray what she loves most: cities, colors, magical moments and, above all, people.

She has been part of photographic projects and exhibitions in Spain, Senegal, Cuba and UK.

Her work has been published El País, Neo2, Metal, ID Magazine among others.

With great skill for finding the prettiest treasures, it is her nostalgic view of the world and her passion for travelling that have almost unconsciously led her to become a vintage collector.

Nowadays she works in film production for commercials and as web developer.